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Turkka Lastunen

I’m 59-year-old mechanical engineer who graduated in Turku Finland. I have made a long career, mostly in the international machinery business as a manager and director (CEO), related to R&D (research and development) and production as well as outsourcing and especially in export sales & marketing tasks.

I have a wide and versatile experience in small scale growing family business as a director and an entrepreneur and also a director of a subsidiary of a stock market enterprise (Ponsse Oyj). I am both a customer service and technologically oriented person. Also I am rather innovative engineer, able to solve all kinds of challenging problems in practical ways. Up to now I have applied 11 different patents together my staff members during my working career. My strongest skills are related to mechanics and hydraulics but also I am interested in electrical-electronics and been involved in development of measuring and control systems. And I am familiar with contractual terms and conditions as well.

I have mostly been managing staff and I have good leader characteristics as well as management and director skills. I know that in the end the motivated team and staff members will make the result of the company. I know also how to satisfy the customer but also to be able to influence the client in negotiations to make the right choice of supplier or co-operation partner.

I have also a long working experience in the production, from the early 80’ I have been learning machinery business in the shop floor level, carrying out all kind of manufacturing tasks. Since I became an engineer in 1987, I have been involved in both R&D and production management of high technology products including manufacturing products under licence both in Europe and North America as well as in Brazil (during my Ponsse career). During my career I have visited several plants and factories around the world and I have a good general understand of all size of businesses.

So I have a also very good understanding and wide experience of both R&D and sales & marketing as well outsourcing, especially in practical level, I have been building tailor made networks in order to open forest machinery markets and launched forest harvesting machinery and methods to the local end users in every continent, naturally working together with both team members and local partners – often clients – around the world. I really like to work part of the professional team. So I am familiar with different countries and cultures. Besides my forest machinery business career I have built  a ISO 9001 certified quality and environment system and  consulting as an export specialist a Finnish hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in 2009-2010.

My native language is Finnish and my English is fluent both in written and in spoken language. I have also a good professional working proficiency in Swedish and German. My negotiation skills are very good and I can negotiate without problems in English but also in German and Swedish. Recently I have started Russian and Spanish studies and I am also improving my spoken German language skills.

I have been involved in very many difficult projects as well as sorted out difficult problems both in my business career and also in my personal life. Everything has finally gone well and very many organizations and co-operation partners around the world have trusted me for 35 years. 

Since 2008 until September 2016 I have been running Lako Forest Oy Ltd as a managing director.   I have been working most of my career in the forest machinery business, very close to the machinery industry. . 

Right now am working as an independent entrepreneur in my own consulting company Turkka Lastunen Consulting Oy Ltd.  I am ready to give my expertise for any kind of development project 

Contact information:

email: turkka.lastunen@gmail.com

Phone: +358 44 513 3615

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/turkka-lastunen-36814615/