• Turkka Lastunen Consulting Oy Ltd

News: End of Kesla Agent Agreement, New Strategy, Ventures and Branch

Turkka Lastunen Consulting Oy Ltd acted as an authorized KESLA agent of the new forestry markets from May 2017 to February 2024. In mid February 2024, Kesla Oyj’s new strategy outlined a decision to do away with agency agreements. From now on, Kesla will organize the territories and markets previously handled by Turkka Lastunen internally. These territories and markets include USA, Canada, all Latin American and Balkan countries, China, and India.

Since the end of February 2024, Turkka Lastunen Consulting Oy Ltd has been working with a new strategy and one essential part of this new era is the decision of establishing in the city of Joensuu. There is a new branch office situated at Business Joensuu premises. The branch office address is Länsikatu 15 3F 80110 Joensuu. The phone number is +358 40 8254195.